1:1 Map Session with Rachel

Map Society w/ Rachel G. Barnard
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A Map Session is a one-on-one creative coaching session where together we begin to find your path, so you may create the life you were born for.

During the session I draw and diagram our conversation as a visual translation of your personal wisdom. A hand drawn document—your Life Map.

Map Sessions are particularly helpful if you are:

  • Feeling stuck—Feeling disempowered, or like you’ve hit a ceiling.
  • Experiencing a Life Transition—Graduating college, retiring, etc.
  • Looking to Pivot—Career change, business change, somethings next but what?

Loosely the session follows this arc:

  1. Process and release any unhelpful ruminations, 
  2. Uncover your north star, or you hidden desires, and
  3. Hold space for you to step into your personal greatness.  

​Most people at the end of their Map session feel deeply seen and have a profound sense of possibility that is unique to them. This moves them into action, making "impossible" goals within reach.

Sessions are 1 hour and are held via zoom.

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1 Hour with Rachel via zoom to co-create your own Map. Then your hand drawn Map will arrive about two weeks later via the postal service.


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1:1 Map Session with Rachel

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